Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Women Students at Lahore Medical College April 1886

Reading the Civil & Military Gazette from this period one doesn't generally get a very flattering picture of the British colonial system. However, here and there you do see some redeeming details. One of them is the earnest attempt to enroll native women in the medical college, even those that speak no English. Does that mean some instruction is being conducted in Urdu?  

April 1886: In the number of female scholars at Government schools there has been some decrease, which is matter for regret; but it is hoped that at no distant date the influence of the increasing popularity of male education will have its counterpart in a wide movement towards the education of girls. 

In special education the most striking feature of the year is that arrangements have been made in the Lahore Medical College for the admission of female students. Several of the women attending the classes know no language but the vernacular. This movement is in accordance with the wider movement now in progress throughout India for the relief of female suffering by female medical aid, and will, it is hoped, prove of much benefit. The Lieutenant-governor has recently submitted for the sanction of the Government of India and the Secretary of State a scheme for enlarging the Lahore Medical College by the appointment of two additional Professors and in other ways. The scheme is based upon contributions from Local Bodies which will be supplemented by a provincial grant-in-aid of equivalent amount. The Committees and Boards of the Provinces have readily responded to the call made upon them for help in this important undertaking. 

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