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Islam and Sikhism Compared in the CMG January 15 1886

Civil & Military Gaxzette. 
January 15, 1886

Unsigned essay comparing Islam and Sikhism. Starts as a review of a book by Hughes, the Dictionary of Islam (1885). Unfortunately, the columns following the first section are in the crease of the newspaper, and the person who scanned it to Microfilm did it kind of sloppily -- they are only partially legible.  

In the second image below, we see referenced a writer named Pincott, and Dr. Ernest Trumpp, author of Die Religion der Sikhs and the first translator of the Adi Granth. Ernest Trumpp is famously the figure whose translation of the Granth was so bad it provoked M.A. Macauliffe to dedicate several years of his life to doing another one (see this). The substance of the second section of the essay rehearses Trumpp's account of the influence of Bhakti figures like Kabir on Nanak. 

In the third section of the essay (also pasted below the jump, but also only partially legible), the author come around to mentioning Macauliffe by name. (In 1886, Macauliffe was mainly known as the publisher of an English version of the Janam Sakhis; his translation of the Granth would be done in the 1890s. See this

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