Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On the Prospects of a Gymkhana Club in Lahore, January 1886

January 11, 1886

In Kipling's day, Lahore did have a rather minimal Officers' Club, where the constituency was mainly Civil Service Officers. It's described by Charles Allen as being rather minimal, though as an exclusionary space it obviously played a central part in organizing European attitudes towards the rest of the city. 

Here the CMG authors are contemplating a Gymkhana club, with "skillfully arranged gurrahs": "owners to compete for a tandem whip -- would give ample chance for a display of deft driving and possibly -- since leaders are sometimes fresh and saices foolish -- for one or two other things as well. 

The style of the writing is loose and digressive, with references to "Popkins" and "Pipkins," and the prospect of emulating Simla in holding "Lancers on horseback." 

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