Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Reviewing the events of the Previous Year in British India CMG January 1886

Here we're going to jump back to January 2, 1886.

The internal affairs of India have been for the most part quiet. The most notable disturbance of the peace was the riot, the other day, in Broach. The earlier part of the year was marked by no little agitation over the Bengal Rent Bill: during the latter half, educated native opinion has been considerably exercised by the progress of the elections. Not only have delegates been sent home by the more advanced school to back up selected candidates, and even to stand themselves; but the natives of the old school also take a considerable interest in the result. The civil administration of the Government of India suffered in 1884 from over development--hypertrophy--in the direction of self government. This last year there has been the opposite danger; strophy, by reason of the financial straitness. Of this we have still to hear the worst; and with the rupee at a little over one shilling and five pence, it is scarcely consoling to look forward to an income tax. In the Punjab, the effects of rigid economy are particularly distressing. 

The general image is of a tough economy.

The CMG editors are really invested in dividing up the natives into two types, one more progressive and demanding, the other the docile "old school". Here the editorializing about the bad, independence minded "advanced school" is kept to a minimum.

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