Monday, May 14, 2012

Punjab University Funding April 1886

I've been especially interested in the references to Punjab University in the Civil and Military Gazette, and I'll try and transcribe any that I come across as I continue to comb through these archives.

In the lately published resolution of the Punjab Government, on the financial condition of the Punjab University, it was announced that the certain special questions relating to University management still remained for consideration--the application of trust-funds, and Oriental learning. A second Resolution by the Punjab Government will, we believe, be published almost immediately; and will doubtless deal with one or both of these subjects. The personal questions which have arisen, in connection with the University, have become somewhat tedious; and a review of the broad aspects of the case, such as the Punjab Government furnished in its first Resolution, was a welcome relief to the painful iteration of personalities and egotisms with which the public was in danger of being nauseated. An un-prejudiced account of the unviersity's application of trust funds, and in impartial statement of its proper attitude towards Oriental learning in general -- not towards one Oriental scholar in particular -- will be equally welcome. At the same time, while the Government does well to seta general exposition of its views and a broad statement of its policy before the public, it should be prepared to act on its principles and convictions. 

Curious about that one sentence "not towards one Oriental scholar in particular." Presumably this is referring to Indian students in the University. Was there one in particular whose status at the university was controversial?

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