Friday, May 25, 2012

CMG February 16 1886: Singh Sabha meeting

The first reference I've found in the Civil & Military Gazette to the Singh Sabha movement. Is the Bhai Nikka Singh the same Nikka Singh who works as an accountant for the Civil & Military Gazette?

Also interesting to see a report of another murder of an Indian person in Lahore, the third in a week. Admittedly, Mian Mir is a couple of miles away from the "white city" (British part of Lahore)... 

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  1. Amardeep Singh Jee, I am in Lahore. I was seareching photograph of Statue of Lawrance which was erected in front of Lahore High Court. By chance I found your site. It is really interesting. I am also working some urdu Newspapers of early 1920's and 30's. Do you know any library of India Which has the collection of such old urdu newspapers? Kindly let me know on my email id: Let me know if I can help you to find any historical document from Lahore.