Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Decapitated Orangutang in Calcutta, April 10, 1886

Civil & Military Gazette.
April 10, 1886
Not long ago, the remains of a long deceased heifer in a packing-case horrified Calcutta for a day or two; and set agoing many theories of mysterious murder a la Wainwright. Another and more ghastly incident has followed, close upon the heels of this one, and has been disposed of equally prosaically. The headless body a child was discovered lying in the middle of a street in Calcutta. The local police tannah duly reported the matter, and there appeard on the scene two Inspectors of Police, and a crowd of constables to note down, decently and in order, the finding of the body. There they began to make enquiries for the murderer who presently gave himself up to the law. He was no other than a taxidermist attached to the Calcutta Museum. A young ourang-outangg had died. He had taken the skin for stuffing; handing the residue to an intelligent servant for disposal by the Municipality. The intelligent servant cast the body in to the open street. Hence the atrocity. After the Inspectors had made matters clear to the assembled crowd, it is written that some public indignation was manifested at the deceit. Anatomy is evidently not included in the whole duty of a policeman. 

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