Thursday, May 3, 2012

From the Civil and Military Gazette, April 1886.

Our country cousins have no chance against the matured iniquities of a large town. Sirdar Oodulla Khan of Cabul paid Bombay a visit not long ago, and plunged into the vortex of dissipation. That is to say he went to a theatre, leaving some valuable property in his lodgings. An indigent Mahommedan, who had shared the Sirdar's hospitality only a few days before, waited till Oodulla Khan was safely out of the way; then abstracted property valued at Rs. 700, and sought the railway station where he was arrested by the Bombay Police. Among the articles recovered was a certificate given to the Sirdar by Sir Frederick roberts some years ago at Cabul, upon which the owner naturally set great store. The report of the theft, as it appears in the Bombay journals, is a curious one; for the certificate is said to have 'formed part of the stolen articles given to him (Oodulla Khan) by Sir Frederick Roberts." 

The comedy of the last part seems to hinge on a grammatical slip...

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