Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Native Judge of the Chief Court, January 2 1886

Civil & Military Gazette
January 2, 1886

The Annals of this Province will doubtless be told with befitting gravity in the pages of Administration Reports. We may hope that interesting chapters will be devoted to the re-organization scheme, to the Punjab University, and to the appointment, for the first time, of a native judge to the Chief Court. It would be cruel, at this season, to raise the buried grievances of the year; especially when a salve for wounded feelings has been prescribed by a higher authority. Another year, it may be hoped, will perhaps show that the union of honest purpose and loyal service, cannot fail to be fruitful; notwithstanding apparent incompatibility of aims and objects. The progress of the Punjab during the past year is not without its lessons; surely not without hope for the future.

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