Monday, May 14, 2012

Hydropobia in Calcutta April 6-9 1886

The poor Brits., stuck in this godforsaken hot country, constantly catching malaria, typhoid, cholera, et al.

Here we have a brief scrap about a man in Calcutta catching rabies from a monkey bite, and dying:
Hydrophobia from a Monkey bite. -- A young man, named Ernest Hay, has died at the General Hospital, Calcutta, from the effects of a bit from a monkey. Some three months ago the deceased was bit by a large black monkey at Lucknow. The sore having healed, he thought nothing more of the matter, but shortly before his death he felt a severe pain in the injured part, and went to the General Hospital for treatment. while there, symptoms of hydrophobia appeared, and he had to be remove to the cells. Here the poor man imitated the antics of a monkey, and was even seen to climb the bars of his cell exactly as a monkey would. The unfortunate young man, who was only 23 years of age, died on Sunday morning. 
 Kind of a gruesome story, but I still like the detail about how he started to "imitate the antics of a monkey." If he had caught it from a dogbite, would they have said he imitated the antics of a dog? 

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