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Lahore Bibliography (Making Lahore Modern)



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ARCHIVES at Lahore

Government of Punjab (Punjab Provincial Archives of Pakistan, anarkali’s Tomb, Civil Secretariat, Lahore)
Boards and Committees Department (General)
Home Department Proceedings (General)
“” (Jail)
“” (Judicial)
“” (Legislative)
“” (Medical and Sanitary)
“” (Municipal)
“” (Police)
Public Works department (general)
Lahore Municipal Corporation, Old Record Room Archives, Lahore Case Files

Ganga Ram

The other significant figure was Ganga Ram … who graduated from Roorkee with a degree in civil engineering in 1873, the first year Punjab University began offering courses. The son of a police officer from a village near Amritsar, Ram would become a well-known figure in the city and one of Lahore’s richest and most generous philanthropists; a woman’s hospital bearing his name exists to this day. (84)

Went to England to study architecture and practical engineering in 1883. Returned in 1884.

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