Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the Library: May 25, 2010

This is a "notes" blog -- sort of a research/scholarship diary. It's currently a public blog, but I may take it private if it seems appropriate. The goal is to help me keep track of the work I'm doing this summer and fall -- as I attempt to make head-way on two book projects, which I'll call the "Kipling Project" and "South Asian Modernism" (or SAM) respectively. I also want to finish several articles this year: on Indo-African writing, Texture-Words, the theory of transnational modernist movements, and perhaps one on SA popular music.

Searching for material related to diaspora today.

Books include Makarand Paranjape, "In Diaspora." Read the introduction, which is helpful -- it references both William Safran and Vijay Mishra (1996).

Randomly found a book called "The Irish Raj" in the stacks. Makes reference to some figures with which I was familiar -- Annie Besant, Sister Nivedita, as well as some new names, "Maharajah Thomas" being one particularly interesting one.

Also picked up "Transnational Migrations: The Indian Diaspora," edited by William Saffran, Ajaya Kumar Sahoo, and Brij Lal.

Photocopied a few articles related to diaspora from the journal Diaspora:

Khachig Tololyan, "Rethinking Diaspora: Stateless Power in the Transnational Moment." This one is widely cited, and seems important to consider.

Amit S. Rai, "India On-Line: Electronic Bulletin Boards and the Construction of a Diasporic Hindu Identity." This could be relevant to the article I was working on that followed the Sonal Shah controversy.

Gayatri Gopinath, "Bombay, U.K., Yuba City": Bhangra Music and the Engendering of Diaspora

Khachig Tololyan, "The Nation-State and Its Others: In Lieu of a Preface". This is from the first issue of the journal Diaspora.

Lisa Lowe, "Heterogeneity, Hybridity, Multiplicity: Marking Asian American Differences"

William Safran, "Diasporas in Modern Societies: Myths of Homeland and Return" Again, Safran is a major scholar in the field, and this seems like an important early essay.

Also found online: a copy of a key Stuart Hall essay on Diaspora, "Cultural Identity on Diaspora."

Books I'd like to get --

Rey Chow, "Writing Diaspora" (1993). This is currently checked out.

"Theorizing Diaspora: A Reader." On reserve in Van Pelt.

Virinder Kalra, Diaspora and Hybridity.

R. Radhakrishnan's book.

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